Broad Street Redevelopment Area: New Zoning Regulations

The Manchester Redevelopment Agency and the Manchester Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) have engaged The Cecil Group, a Boston-based planning and design firm, to help write zoning regulations for the Broad Street redevelopment area.  Known as a “form-based” code, this new zoning approach emphasizes the design and layout of public and private spaces and buildings as much as the uses and activities that are allowed in the zone.  Form-based codes are intended to allow flexibility in use, while ensuring development creates an attractive and special place in the community. 

December 16th Zoning Workshop

On December 16th, representatives from the Cecil Group presented work-to-date on the new Broad Street zoning regulations. The presenters reviewed what a form-based zoning code is, what it could look like in the Broad Street Redevelopment Area and preliminary results of the Visual Preference Survey. Click HERE to view a slide show of that presentation.

Visual Preference Survey Final Results

As part of this process, The Cecil Group conducted a visual preference survey.  In this kind of a survey people are asked to look at a series of photographs and rate each photograph based on whether it would be something that is desirable or undesirable, in this case in the Broad Street redevelopment area.

The response to the survey was tremendous. Over 400 people completed the survey and over 100 took the time to make comments. Click HERE to view the results. The results of the visual preference survey will help guide the Agency, the PZC and the consultants in formulating the new zoning regulations’ design standards. 

More Information

To learn more about the Broad Street Redevelopment Plan, follow these links:

Broad Street Redevelopment Plan
The Manchester Redevelopment Agency adopted the Broad Street Redevelopment Plan for the 148 acre Broad Street Redevelopment Area on September 17, 2009. The plan calls for a mixed-use district with residential, commercial, entertainment and civic components.

Together We Can Grow Better: Smart Growth for a Sustainable Connecticut Capitol Region
This document highlights how three sites in Greater Hartford, including the Broad Street Parkade, could be redeveloped according to Smart Growth practices to provide economic and community benefits to Manchester and the region.

From Grey to Green: Sustainable Practices for Redeveloping a Vacant Shopping Center
This report outlines how green infrastructure could be utilized to redevelop the Broad Street Parkade in an environmentally sustainable way.


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